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The WUU2K 45km Marathon+
Please read the following details prior to entering at the bottom of this page


The 45Km event starts at 7.30am at Khandallah park at the end of Woodmancote road. The first leg is up Mt Kaukau to the Skyline track. Runners navigate the ridgeline until the first Aid Station at Makara road, before heading up T4 track to Makara Peak. From here you head down Snake Charmer to the entrance to Lazy Fern trail which takes you to the second Aid Station at Makara MB carpark.

Here you head along the road and up Salvation trail to Wrights Hill lookout, before hitting the Sanctuary fenceline track to the Wind Turbine, and Aid Station 3. Here we take Barking Emu track to the Tip track where we head down to Happy Valley road and Aid Station 4. Now we have Tawatawa reserve to cruise through before Berhampore Golf Course to Adelaide road, and up Mt Albert to the final Aid Station. Now we are on the Southern trail which takes us to Mt Vic and the finish line. Note: For 2024 there has been a course change to now finish at the Velodrome.

Overall VERT: 1900

ESTIMATED AVERAGE FINISH TIME 45km: 6 - 7 hours/1.30-2.30pm (Starts 7.30am)

ESTIMATED AVERAGE FINISH TIME 65km: 8 - 9 hours/2.30-3.30pm (Starts 6.30am)


Compulsory Gear 45K Marathon

  1. First-Aid Kit (AIDE VOID kits have strapping tape included FYI) - WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AS YOU REGISTER. Please note that there will only be a limited amount for sale at Rego day. ORDER BEFORE RACE WEEKEND IF YOU NEED ONE!

  2. Strapping tape/Bandage: Suitable roll/length for strapping a sprained ankle if needed.  

  3. Seam-Sealed waterproof, and wind-proof jacket. Your jacket must also have a hood. 

  4. Thermal long-sleeved top (Base-layer/Insulating)

  5. Thermal leggings (SKINS don't count. THERMAL or BASE LAYER please)

  6. Beanie/warm hat (Must be insulating - Polypro/Merino etc)

  7. Whistle

  8. Thermal/Polypro Gloves (Must be insulating)

  9. Emergency Bag/Blanket

  10. Water (1-2 L carrying capacity - DO NOT need to bring water to gear check). Note: There are NO CUPS AT ALL AID STATIONS. Please bring a vessel to drink out of!

  11. Food/snacks (There will be food and snacks at all aid stations also, so more for back up/your own nutritional needs - not required to show for gear check)

  12. Headlight - Yes you may not need it, but we've had 45k runners finishing in the dark, so if you think you may need it later in the day, hold onto it! It can be dark through the first climb, so use it here if you require.

  13. Waterproof pants are recommended but not compulsory. If it's wet, you may want them especially those on the longer courses!

PLEASE NOTE: If the weather is looking good on race day, we MAY minimise the compulsory gear. Please still bring everything to gear check though. We will advise you at rego day.
ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Headphones, AND Portable speakers are not allowed on course. This is for your own safety and the safety of others, plus we have multiple road crossings where you need to be able to hear marshal instructions.

NOTE: Bone-conducting headphones are ALLOWED as these allow you to hear what's going on around you

01 - Registration Day

Friday 12th July, Wellington High School 12-7pm

Where: Wellington High School

249 Taranaki Street, Mt Cook

Bring your Comp Gear to be checked, a valid I.D so we know it's you, some money for race merch if you want some, and some smiles!

DROP BAGS - Will be provided for you at race rego day, colour-matched to your chosen category. These will be collected race day morning, and taken to race finish for you.


02 - Race Briefing

Your online race briefing document

This is an online document which will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the race. It is COMPULSORY to read for all runners. It has ALL race weekend information and is pivotal to you understanding the event.


03 - Race Day: Sat 13th July

45km Start time: 7:30am
Race Briefing: 7:15am
Rain-Day Back-up: Sunday 14th

Make sure you are at your start line on time please. If you can not make race registration day Friday, you can arrive early to sign in, and gear check race day. This is ONLY if you can not get to Rego day due to travel issues.


04 - Cut-Off Times

They are strict, but easily reachable. Just keep on moving!

All runners in the 45k and 65k MUST be through these points by the following times:

  • WIND TURBINE AID STATION: 12pm 65K/1pm 45k

  • LOWER TIP TRACK (65k only): 2.30PM


If you do not meet these times you will be disqualified and a vehicle will bring you to race HQ.

05 - Accommodation

Stay near the CBD if possible

Coming from out of town? Please make sure you pre-book accommodation. Central Wellington is a good bet. Victoria Court Motel is close to Waitoa after party venue FYI

06 - Training/Coaching Plans

Life in motion run club will be structuring training plans for the WUU/WAI events for 2024. Please contact Eve @L.I.M for details.

Please make sure you are sufficiently trained for all of the WUU/WAI events!

07 - Fundraise as you train

We've partnered up once more with Grassrootz NZ to help you raise funds as you train! It's a great way to get friends and Whanau to support you in your running goals!

Check it out here

08 - Pricing 2024

Entry Fees help cover consents, event costs, park user fees, first aid, insurance, traffic management (to name a few)


(First 50)

  • $195



  • $215

Late Entry

(From June 1st)

  • $230


Check the event details

Make sure you understand the refund policy, distance, course, and race details prior to pressing enter

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