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What you need to know...

Please read all about what you need for your chosen category.

Compulsory Gear 45K Marathon

  1. First-Aid Kit (AIDE VOID kits have strapping tape included FYI) - WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE AS YOU REGISTER. Please note that there will only be a limited amount for sale at Rego day.

  2. Strapping tape/Bandage: Suitable roll/length for strapping a sprained ankle if needed.  

  3. Seam-Sealed waterproof, and wind-proof jacket. Your jacket must also have a hood. 

  4. Thermal long-sleeved top (Base-layer/Insulating)

  5. Thermal leggings (SKINS don't count. THERMAL or BASE LAYER please)

  6. Beanie/warm hat (Must be insulating - Polypro/Merino etc)

  7. Whistle

  8. Thermal/Polypro Gloves (Must be insulating)

  9. Emergency Bag/Blanket

  10. Water (1-2 L carrying capacity - DO NOT need to bring water to gear check)

  11. Food/snacks (There will be food and snacks at all aid stations also, so more for back up/your own nutritional needs - not required to show for gear check)

  12. Headlight - Yes you may not need it, but we've had 45k runners finishing in the dark, so if you think you may need it later in the day, hold onto it! It can be dark through the first climb, so use it here if you require.

  13. Waterproof pants are recommended but not compulsory. If it's wet, you may want them especially those on the longer courses!

PLEASE NOTE: If the weather is looking good on race day, we MAY minimise the compulsory gear. Please still bring everything to gear check though. We will advise you at rego day.
ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Headphones, AND Portable speakers are not allowed on course. This is for your own safety and the safety of others, plus we have multiple road crossings where you need to be able to hear marshal instructions.

NOTE: Bone-conducting headphones are ALLOWED as these allow you to hear what's going on around you

What's the WUU plan for me?

If for whatever reason you can NOT make race registration on the Friday, Please make sure you are there EARLY on race day for gear checks/bib pick up. Make sure you have your shoe tag on SECURELY as you will be DQ'ed if you race without your tag/bib.

Check the event details

Make sure you understand the refund policy, distance, course, and race details prior to pressing enter

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