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The 50K WAI2K Ultra

Entry Link opening June 01, 09:00am, 2024

The Details
Please read this page before entering. Entry link at the bottom of page

Full event details/briefing packs will be emailed to all competitors 2 weeks out from race weekend.

The WAI2K 50km Course Starts at the Woodside train station in Greytown. Runners head along Underhill road for  4.5km before hitting the new Swingbridge along Underhill to Bucks road turn off.
You then follow Bucks road around to the camp site and first Aid Station area. Stock up here as you have around 14km until the next Aid Station.
Frith track is tough. You follow this until you hit Pylon track where you follow this over to then switch onto Puffer Saddle - for some the most challenging part of the course. Onwards to Kaitoke Aid Station which is around 5-6km from Puffer entrance.
From here there is a private land section before you head up Norbett Creek loop track - a tough climb before a steep technical downhill to Rivendell area.
Another Aid Station here before you head over the bridge and begin Kaitoke Ridge track. This trail is steep and takes you along the ridge line until you get to Te Marua Aid Station.
A short road section before you take forestry trails towards the underpass of SH2 which takes you to Station Drive.
Once here, you hit a 'T' intersection where you head right all of the way along to the finish line at Upper Picnic area.
From here you have the Mangaroa tunnel - Pondys Loop - Firebreak trail before you hit Climie. Take a Left here down to the finish line.

Compulsory Gear

Please note that if the weather is looking good, we may allow you to put some of your gear in a drop bag for later in the day/night.

  1. First Aid Kit including strapping tape and/or bandage (for sprains etc). Must be a fully equipped kit

  2. Emergency bag/blanket

  3. Seam-sealed Windproof/waterproof Jacket (See image below for seam-sealed example)

  4. Thermal long sleeved top (Insulating/Thermal/Polyprop/Baselayer etc))

  5. Gloves (Insulating/Thermal/Polyprop - Merino/wool type gloves)

  6. THIR and/or warm hat (Insulating/Thermal/Polyprop)

  7. Water (At least 1L capacity). Front bottles advised as we have NO CUPS at all Aid Stations

  8. Food/Nutrition (There will be aid stations but please do not rely on this as a main source of nutrition)

  9. Compass (on GPS device is fine)

  10. Topo Maps on your Mobile Device (NZ Topo etc)

  11. Whistle

  12. Fully charged mobile device with emergency contacts including race officials.

  13. Hi Viz Vest for the morning road leg to Bucks Campsite (You can leave these at Bucks Aid Station, and will be brought to the finish for you)

Recommended Items

  1. Add the WAI2K course to Google Maps on your phone, as it comes in handy if you go off course.

  2. Head Torch (Mangaroa Tunnel). Note - you can get through with your phone light

  3. Phone charging device/power bank

  4. Calf/Arm Sleeves

  5. A PLB (Personal Locator Beacon)

  6. Tramping poles (Not for everyone I know, but if you wish to use them - feel free). If you wish to use them for part of the event, you will need a supporter to take them to the particular section (Mt Climie for example). I took some for the first 43km and found them handy, especially Norbert Creek Loop (around 26km mark). You'll understand when you get there.

  7. GPX of the course uploaded to your device.

NOTE: Drop Bags can be taken from race start to the finish line for you. Drop bags are also provided if you require.

01 - Timing

This event will be timed by Onetime/Barefoot Sports NZ

You will be given a shoe tag to attach securely to your shoe. Make sure it's on PROPERLY. We need to track you over the course.

Cross all timing mats you see as you run the event. Mats will be at Aid Stations, and some select parts of the course, plus start/finish locations. Live tracking will be enabled for spectators - this can be patchy at times with signal drop-outs.

02 - Cut-Off Times

Please make a note of these times
These cut-off times are strict but also easy to hit as long as you keep moving!

  • First Aid Station (9km mark): 1.5 Hours

  • Aid Station #2 Kaitoke: 6 Hours

  • Station Drive Aid Station (43k mark): 10 Hours

If you do not meet any of these times, transport will bring you to race finish Tunnel Gully.

03 - The Course

Please review the course prior to registering
GPX DL available also

The WAI2K 50km course will take you on a beautiful, scenic journey from the heart of the Wairarapa, to Upper Hutt There is around 2.5km of elevation over the course with a lot of vert in the first half of the run. There is a perfect mix of gravel road, single track, mud, river, tunnels, bridges, and open forestry trails to enjoy!

Please note that Swingbridge track at Rivendell is currently closed until 2025 (this shaves off 1km from the event)

50K Vert

50K Evevation.png

04 - Pacers

Only for the 100km category

Pacers are only allowed in the 100km category

05 - Drop Bags

For fresh shoes/nutrition/headlights etc

Drop Bags can be taken to the finish area at Upper Picnic area. These will be collected race day morning. Drop bags will be provided for you at race registration day. Pack some warm gear etc for the finish area.

06 - Registration day

Friday 22nd November: Venue YET TBC for 2024

Bring your Comp Gear to be checked, a valid I.D so we know it's you, some money for race merch if you want some, and some smiles!

If you can NOT make rego day, please get there early on race day for gear checks/bib collection. Make sure you have ALL items of comp gear otherwise risk disqualification. Spot checks may be carried out on course if you're looking light.

07 - Race Briefing Packs

Your comprehensive online briefing companion

This is an online document which will be sent out 2 weeks prior to the race. It is COMPULSORY to read for all runners. It has ALL race weekend information and is pivotal to you understanding the event.


08 - Race day Sat 23rd Nov

A 1 hour drive from Wellington. Please car-pool if you can. Parking is available at the train station. Staying in the Wairarapa? Woodside station is an easy 5 minute drive from central Greytown.

Want to get back after your run? Ask other runners about transport options. We will also have vehicles heading back over race day, so let us know if you need a ride. From race finish back to the start is around a 30 minute drive.

09 - Training/Coaching

  • L.I.M Run Club will be structuring training plans for the WUU/WAI 50k/100k events for 2024. Please contact Eve for details.

  • Please make sure you are sufficiently trained for all of the WUU/WAI events!

10 - Accomodation

There are plenty of options available

Either spend the weekend in the Wairarapa and organise your own transport for race day, or stay in Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt or Wellington. One good option for 50k/100k runners is to stay near the finish area in Upper Hutt, and carpool to the start in the Wairarapa.

We will have transport available if you require a ride back to race start.


  • The WUU2K and WAI2K events will be giving the Capra App a trial for 2024. Please DL the app via your relevant app store, adding in WAI2K events (and WUU2K events) to your favourites.

  • The app will have all maps, and general race information available, and also offline maps/emergency button which is handy for an event like the WAI2K!
  • Get your supporters to DL the app also, as it is a handy navigational tool.

12 - Prices 2024

Helps cover event fees, consents, organising


(First 20)

  • $215 Athletics NZ Registered

  • $225 Unregistered

Standard Entry

  • $245 Athletics NZ Registered
  • $255 Unregistered

Late Entry

(From Nov 1st)

  • $265 Athletics NZ Registered

  • $275 Unregistered

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